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This is how the Urban Dictionary has defined the ‘Half-Tuck‘ as:

An over confident man who half-way tucks in his shirt in attempts to show off the high fashion buckle and package beneath the buckle.

Hmmm. I’m not a “man”, nor am I attempting to show off the “high fashion buckle” on my belt, nor do I have a “package”… However, I am guessing this would apply to all fashion-conscious people who would actually execute the ‘half-tuck’ instead of fully tucking in their shirt.

Erm, like me.

…for this blog! (Yes really…)

Shorts by Bershka; 13″ satchel in Berry Blue by Cambridge Satchel Company

So I attempted the side ‘half-tuck’ trend. Okay so it’s more like the ‘quarter-tuck’… I’m going to set a quarter-tuck trend. It even sounds catchy! Quarter-tuck..quarter-tuck.. –

So. I brought my berry blue 13″ Cambridge Satchel back to Borneo to lay it in some nice Borneoan sun! I think it’s loving it 😀

Christmas for me is always sunny, I never spend it overseas (I get terribly homesick) so I hope you’re wrapping up warm if Winter is on your side! 3 more sleeps to Christmas! Hurrah!

♥ P E A C H E S