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This collection will hit 300 stores worldwide as well as online, on the 17th of November. That’s a month from now!

The prints are classic of Versace, with reworked old red carpet pieces to suit the general mass.

Prices start from £20 to £179.99 for the leather dresses. If bright bold prints and colour is your thing, then don’t miss out on this collaboration!

However to me personally, some of the prints come off as slightly tacky. What would look amazing on a model won’t necessarily work on me 😦 Besides…I’d be able to find something similar at the weekend market back home in Malaysia for a large fraction of the H&M x Versace prices.

Even so, I’ve eyed one piece: a lovely black bustier Silk LBD (middle below) retailing at £79.99. The leather dress looks fab, but its practicality as a dress doesn’t work for me. Do you have a favourite piece?

Leather Dress £179.99, Silk Dress £79.99, Dress £49.99

Silk Dress £79.99 (both)

Silk top £39.99, Leather jacket £149.99

Silk dress £129.99, Silk dress £129.99, Silk dress £79.99

Silk top & skirt set £99.99, Silk dress £99.99

Trousers £39.99, Leggings £24.99

Metallic Dress £149.99

Silk dress £79.99, Dress £49.99

Silk scarf £24.99

Necklace £29.99, Bracelet £19.99, Leather necklace £34.99

Gilet £39.99, Necklace £14.99, Ring £19.99, Leather bag £99.99

View the whole collection HERE!

Will you be camping outside H&M before the collection is released? I may love fashion, but freezing my tits off in the cold 8 hours (to be right in front of the queue) before the store opens is not my idea of fun. Let me know if you are! 😀

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