Remember last November when the Versace x H&M collaboration hit the stores? People were lining up outside the stores from the day before!

Versace unveils its final part of this collaboration with its Cruise Collection for the upcoming Spring/Summer! This collection will hit stores on January 19th at 9am. Just realised it will be on a day that I do not have classes! 😀

The full collection is up online, but here’s a peek:

Silk Dress, £59.99

Dress, £39.99

Negligee, £34.99; Dressing gown, £39.99

Silk blouse, £34.99; Silk cardigan, £34.99

Bikinis, £24.99; Shorts, £24.99

Bracelet, £24.99; Earrings, £19.99

Sandals, £69.99

Ballet pumps, £39.99

Belt, £24.99

Bag, £99.99

I am  really feeling the “holiday mood” this collection is driving at, as compared to the boldness and loudness of the previous collection. Fruity colours and Versace’s famous Greek key motif which are present in this collection makes you wish for Spring and Summer to come soon! I especially love the bikinis, dresses and negligee! 😀

What do you think about this final collection from Versace for H&M and which is your favourite piece(s)? Will you be lining up for this collection?

♥ P E A C H E S