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Nothing inspires so much fear in my heart than a sight such as this:



A messy wardrobe.

Okay. I’ll admit, my wardrobe is sometimes guilty of being a little messy too (like right now, gahh). I know it’s time to break out my organizing/folding/cleaning fingers when I start to get a fluttery, bothersome feeling in my chest.

So if you’re guilty of a messy wardrobe and have no idea where or how to begin to re-organize it into a more orderly state, here are a couple of tips I live by:

  1. Get rid of clothes with holes or irremovable stains on them or pieces you’ve out-grown. Even I, as a self-confessed hoarder, know when it is no longer appropriate to keep a shirt that has a gigantic stain down the front. Know what to let go of, and you will have a far more manageable time with your wardrobe when you don’t have to look for places to stuff these shameful clothes.
  2. No mismatched hangers. I always feel like it makes your closet look messier than it is – try it; this makes a HUGE difference.
  3. Thinner hangers afford you more closet space. That being said, don’t go for wire ones that will disfigure your more delicate pieces. I always use plastic ones.
  4. Where possible, hang your clothes up. If you have the hanging space for it, I really would advise you to do this. This is the lazy person’s way of saving themselves from endless ironing, folding and stacking. On that note, don’t hang your sweaters or embellished pieces – the weight of the garment could stretch, consequently disfiguring it and you don’t want that.
  5. Coordinate your closet in a way that optimizes your dressing time. For example, if you often decide what to wear based on sleeve-length, organize your closet from sleeveless through to long-sleeves. If you decide what to wear based on weight, organize your closet from chiffon down to heavy knits and so on. I personally organize my clothes according to occasion (work, casual, dressy), colour (dark to light) and sleeve-length (short to long).
  6. If you can, purchase bins or pretty boxes to store your delicates, scarves, belts or clothes that are out-of-season. This makes everything appear neat and tidy, even if it’s a total nightmare inside the box. (But nobody needs to know, and I won’t tell. Promise.)
  7. When stacking your piles of clothes, place the bulkier items at the bottom, and don’t pile the stacks too high. This makes for easy reach of your clothes, and also minimizes mess/falling stacks when you’re pulling things out left and right in the mornings.
  8. I store my jewellery in shallow drawers lined with rubber mats, so I always remember what I have in my collection. Also, I never have to worry about tangling! Earrings go in earring holders that are easily available from most stores that sell organization tools.

Hope that helped!

xo, minty