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Minty and I, between us, have loads of ideas to post up on this blog, and one recently being “What’s on your bedside table?”. Minty’s asked me to do one so here I am 😀

Yes. Women are nosey by default, true, Minty. However, don’t bother looking at a male’s. The ones I’ve seen see have protein shakes, coins, and condoms sneakily stuffed in some tissue barrel. Ew. (Okay I’m really nosey sometimes)

I’d like to think females tend to be lovelier creatures when it comes to things like…what’s on their bedside table.

There really isn’t much on my table, but usually I put things on it as a reminder of what I have to do before I sleep.

The little “Moments of Peace from the Psalms” book was from my dad before I left for university years ago, and it’s helped me a great deal in handling all sorts of situations. It makes a great bedside comfort book!

  • Kindle (I love how I can easily read 1000 books in this great gadget!)
  • 2 bottles of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter moisturiser (great for the drying weather in UK)
  • Study bible from mum
  • Daily bread for October – December 2011 from mum
  • Psalms book from dad
  • Legal book – A Practical Guide to Lawyering Skills (uh-huh)
  • A DIY book on knot making
  • Decorative empty perfume bottle (Britney Spears’ Curious if you’re asking)
  • Italian perfume from my Italian friend
  • 3 Barry M nailpolish in Matt White (66), Lemon (307) & Cobalt Blue (291)
  • Sally Hansen Double Duty Top & Base Coat
  • 2 decorative shot glasses from the musical of ‘Avenue Q
  • Picture frame
♥ P E A C H E S