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Women are pretty nosey by default. It might be one of the reasons why we (read: I) are all so interested in what’s in each others’ bags. I’ll admit it: I literally spend hours sifting through this page.

That’s right. I stalk the contents of other women’s bags …but only when they put it up for public viewing.

No, I haven’t quite managed to bring myself to start ruffling through the contents of some stranger’s purse. Pretty sure that will get me arrested.

But have you ever wondered what’s on someone’s bedside table? Is that as telling as what’s in someone’s bag?

Probably is.

  • radio/iPod-playing alarm clock
  • remote control to aforementioned radio/iPod-playing alarm clock
  • grotty old iPod classic (silver) that never leaves the dock
  • Peter Alexander eye-mask I pretty much never use
  • Dettol hand sanitizer
  • rebel bottle of vitamins that don’t sit with the rest
  • eye drops
  • L’Occitane lavender-scented pillow/room spray
  • bottle of Australian tea-tree oil (T_T I MISS YOU AUSTRALIA, I DOOO)
  • Vaseline lotion bottle that I’ve filled with QV lotion instead (don’t ask)
  • 3x books that are possibly only there because all other shelving units in my room are currently buckling under the weight of the junk I own
  • iPad 2 (black) in Belkin case
  • Blackberry charger (that’s what the wild black wire is, in case you were getting alarmed)

So tell me, what’s on your bedside table? Leave a link to a post, or just describe the items – I’d love to know!

xo, minty