The Many Incarnations of the Bib Necklace


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I’ve said it before but guys, you have no idea the pleasures I derive from living in items of clothing that could probably pass off as pyjamas (see here and here).

At least ONE thing I slip on each day has to have a weirdly pyjama quality about it, and I tell myself it’s an homage to the Olsen twins circa 2005, but really it could be more of a subconscious message to the world that I’d rather be asleep.

This is where a bib necklace comes in.

It’s the fastest way to elevate an outfit from “Oh Sh*t, I Forgot to Change” to “Shut Your Face, This is Both Awesome and Deliberate”.

It’s like magic.

Xo, Minty

Who Doesn’t Like A Good Aztec (print)?


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Cardigan: Miso; Skinnies: Topshop

Nearly wrote a bad headline, who doesn’t like a good Aztec? I mean, print! Well thankfully I do 😉 I’ve been on a print spree lately and have been flying through the sales here in UK getting my hands on any pretty print!

The above cardigan has a great print and vamps up an outfit quite easily, especially with these red skinnies.

I’ve also been feeling inspired by the nail art that I’ve been seeing on WIWT that I decided to get some nail art pens from Topshop and tried making my own aztec-inspired nails!

Here’s what I managed to do after my mock exam yesterday:

Left to Right: Blue Moon (317), Mint Green (304) & Lemon (307)

I painted my nails all three colours to add variety.

I had Blue Moon on my thumbs, followed by Mint Green and finally Lemon. My canvas is ready! 😀

I found the art pens difficult at first to apply since it’s a metal tip but oh well, practice makes perfect! Here’s my first attempt at fun aztec nails. A bit wobbly but the colours make me smile so I’m okay with it 😉

Have an awesome weekend, wherever you are! 😀

♥ P E A C H E S

Bing Bang’s Abracadabra Cuff


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SAY HELLO TO my latest obsession (I feel like I say this way too often): Bing Bang’s Abracadabra cuff.

Exercise your right to stalk it immediately by clicking HERE.

I think I kind of relish the fact that it’s got letters on it (you know, the kinds of letters that don’t spell the name of the designer; come come now, Marc by Marc Jacobs.. I’m looking at you) that may or may not imply that I am distantly related to the idea of quirky fabulousness.

Is that a term, “quirky fabulousness”?

(Hahaa… It is now. Feel free to drop it wily-nily in normal conversations, guys! Extra cool-kid points if you get it in at work. TO YOUR BOSS.)

So, keeping in line with my newfound predilection for discussions: What do you guys think of bangles like this? Do you prefer your jewellery to speak, or no?

Weigh in, my lovelies!

xo, Minty

1 Way to Wear a Man’s Shirt: DIY Paperbag Skirt (No scissors needed!)


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So what happens when you’ve run out of clean clothes and the only ones hanging all crisp in the wardrobe is a rack full of this:

No, not women shirts but men shirts. Shirts that make a man look so big, strong and, yes, dashing. Yes, it works even if it’s from that scene in Risky Business when Tom Cruise starts doing this:

So what did I do? I start rummaging through the significant other’s clothes trying to find something decent to wear. I decided to be creative and make a paperbag skirt with one of the shirts! I’m a petite 5’2″ so if you are taller – a bigger shirt would be better!

Here’s how I do Tom Cruise:

Practically drowning! So here’s how I turned a shirt into a paperbag skirt, with NO scissors needed (did I hear a sigh of relief?):

Step #1:

  • The upper part of the shirt should be fitted around your waist with the collar around your waist.
  • For a paperbag skirt effect, fit the shirt at your smallest waist area!
  • Button it tight until it sits fine on your waist!

Step #2:

  • Take the sleeves and make one knot in front of you.
  • Make sure you tuck in the outside bits under this knot if it bothers you that there are bits sticking out (like collar tips for instance).

Step #3:

  • Take the excess sleeves and make a knot/bowtie/however you like tying your knots!
  • No matter how you tie it, it’s still going to look cool anyway!

You now have your own DIY paperbag skirt! How easy was that?!

Unbutton some of the lower buttons to give the skirt a sexy parting!;)

Easy peasy to do on your own, is funky to wear and one-of-a-kind YAY! 😀

If you’ve done this before, I’d love to see it! If you have not, what are you waiting for? Raid the nearest male’s closet!! Just make sure you iron the sleeves out once you’re done using them 😉

The silent stalker of a BF is hopefully not going to get too upset at me – I didn’t iron the sleeves when I was done with it. Oopsies.

♥ P E A C H E S

Stripes & Colours


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minty's outfit of the dayminty's outfit of the day, mulberry alexa, dannijo, american apparel, h&mminty's outfit of the day, mulberry alexa, dannijo, american apparel, h&m
General Pants vest, H&M striped top, American Apparel Interlock Mini (Sea Blue), Mulberry Alexa, Louis Vuitton flats, Dannijo necklace, BRM watch

Some days, I just can’t figure out what to type beneath the line of visuals I’ve just flung at your brain to process.

I mean, when I’m not going off on impossibly ridiculous tangents, I’m mostly stewing silently on the kinds of topics that – for the most part – only seem to bother children… like: if Santa’s really a myth or not, whether there might be any pixies hiding in my garden (and what they might be doing at this very moment), and what if my dogs could secretly speak Human?

Because obviously.. I’m mature like that, and all this maturity is clearly giving me writer’s block.

… Perhaps I should start inducing some intellectual discussions with you guys. I mean, I’m not sure. Would you like that? Is that what people my age are supposed to be into?





Topic: Who (in your opinion) designs the BEST satchels?

I’m clearly in love with Mulberry and CSC. What about you?



I await gleefully.


xo, Minty

Monday Blues: The Real Boyfriend Tee


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It’s the end of my very short Easter break (I had exams in the middle of!) and I have mock exams on Wednesday and Friday for this week 😦 My life in Bar school is pretty uneventful, really!

I did however, have a great time in London visiting the markets (pictures up soon) and also in Edinburgh with the significant other after my exams so that’s a plus point 😀

Today I’m all dressed in navy, with leftover blue nail polish from London. The Topman tee actually belongs to the significant other, but he hardly wears it because the low V-neck looks too ‘metrosexual’ for him (he’s a doctor/rugby player). It’s also tight on him. So very tight that he’s bursting at the seams!

I should probably ask him this then: Why do you even have it in the first place? 😉 Right?

…but I like it. I’ll admit that I wear men’s clothes!!

It’s slouchy, it’s low enough for some cleavage, and I love the turned-up sleeves. It’s from Topman, but whenever I go in to search their men tops…they don’t have anything similar anymore! 😦

The man doesn’t seem to mind me wearing his top and acknowledges it as acceptable for me to wear! Though once he starts reading this post (he’s a silent stalker of mine, hmph) he’d be all: Ahh I made it into your fashion adventures!

BF’s Top: Topman; Skinnies: Topshop; Nails: H&M; Arm party: Kitson & ASOS

Gotta love a crumpled real boyfriend tee! Half-tucked and it’s ready to go.

So tell me, do you nick anything from a man’s wardrobe and make it your own? I’d love to hear your story!

Have a great week everyone 😀

♥ P E A C H E S

Silver Hardware, Leopard Print & Lace Shorts


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Nathan Smith men’s tank in XS, Broadway & Broome lace shorts, Rubi Shoes studded loafers, Dannijo necklace, A.Wang knockoff leopard print clutch from Romwe

I love Rubi shoes.

Aussies, you know what I’m talking about.

Also.. don’t judge me, but I had to get this Alexander Wang knockoff the minute I spotted it on Romwe. I missed the train on the real deal and subsequently lay in bed for weeks, feeling bereft and gut-wrenchingly immobile. Which probably makes this awkward for everyone now, because nobody needed to know. Nobody..

xo, minty

Dual Shades of Grey: The Global Influence of Panda Bears


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Topshop white shirt with star detailing, Maison Martin Margiela black metal ring, Essie nail polish in Miss Matched

Some days, I wake up and dread the idea of showing up for work.

Mostly because I have like, a million flights of stairs to climb each morning (you’d think I’d be used to it by now but this un-athletic body clearly wants absolutely nothing to do with any of that “exercise” business), but also because there’s only so many outfit combinations you can concoct when layering is a pre-cursor for a deadly heat stroke.

In retrospect, I was probably starting to look like Sideshow Bob with all the neon and the prints in crazy colours anyway.. so I stripped it all back to the basics: A black-and-white outfit.

I mean, if it’s good enough for a panda bear, then it sure as hell is good enough for me.

‘Cos who doesn’t dream of being a panda bear?




You scoff now, but I have irrefutable evidence:

This would be funny if it weren’t just so plain depressing. Even if it is in the name of conservation and research.

And whilst we keep busy with silly attempts to style ourselves, our pets, and our animals in captivity as cheap Pandas, the real McCoys are adopting our habits and infiltrating human society in small but arguably defined ways:

Just another Panda-sized step closer to world domination..

xo, minty

Thoughts: The All White Outfit


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Everytime I think about an “all white” outfit, P. Diddy comes into mind. He always looks sharp in white, and even throws a “White Party” where celebrities and influential people are invited to raise funds for a charity of his choice:

For me, wearing an all white outfit is usually a no-no in my fashion books because of the fact that white makes one look…bigger. Optical illusion. Black is slimming and therefore white isn’t.

So why not rebel, and instead use a high-waisted/corset piece to combat the stereotype that white comes with.

Skirt & Attache: Stradivarius; Top: H&M; Clutch: Charles & Keith; Flats: Topshop; Slap Watch: Tick Tok (from Groupon), Necklace from Thailand

I’m actually wearing a three-piece, with an attached high-waist/corset to my skirt. Amazing piece of invention I found in Spain while on holiday!

What do you think about the “all white” outfit style? Would you wear an all white combo? Let me know!

♥ P E A C H E S