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Mix two girls with equal parts escapism andindulgence; add a dash of humor with dollops of fun whisked in for good measure; finally, sprinkle a generous amount of the summer sand of Borneo island over the top and the whimsical world of Minty+Peaches was born.

Missing the free-spirited excitement of the whirlwind style capitals they experienced for years as chic geeks abroad, the girls have created a place which chronicles their lives adjusting back to life on a tropical island, their obsessions, musings and most of all, their passion for fashion, right here in their own Rainforest backyard.

The girls of Minty+Peaches don’t care if it’s haute or not – style is an exciting and fun form of individual artistic expression!

Still not clear? Know a few things about the 20-somethings below:

Political science and Philosophy graduate from Melbourne. If you were wondering (most people do): the answer is no, her degree hasn’t come to good use thus far, and no, she isn’t planning on world domination at this point in time.

Currently toiling away in a man’s world, playing with sand, being battered by sand, and %^#$@ hating sand $%*& – which really just goes to show that nobody cares what you did in Uni, as long as you own a piece of paper that says you’ve served time in an educational facility.

When she is not ogling at pretty things, she is often to be found buying them, and – oddly enough – is never too far away from a tin of mints (much like a security blanket). Hence her online moniker, Minty. She abhors the heat with a passion and is thus suitably convinced she was born on A TROPICAL ISLAND as a divine joke. Nevertheless, she loves her homeland as much as a hater-of-summer can, simply because it’s Home.

Other stuff that you may or may not find incredibly interesting about Minty include:

  • Enjoys bargains as much as she enjoys the kind of stuff you can only get in snooty boutiques. And everything else in between, if she’s being honest.
  • Superpower: The ability to eat the same thing over and over and over again and not get sick of it for weeks. (This sickens all her friends.)
  • Lives in harem pants and shorts.

Law graduate from the University of Manchester, UK in search of direction and purpose in her life. Currently studying in Newcastle, UK doing the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) and concurrently also a member of Lincoln’s Inn, London to become a proper and legit whats-it-called?…lawyer. This wordpress started with Minty in her gap year, was to start being creative with their wardrobes in dressing up for the summery and humid weather of Borneo (or wherever she is now).

Here are a few facts you should know about Peaches:

  • Loves flea markets, antiques and thriftstores.
  • Adores affordable clothing, and that one piece of luxury item. Okay, maybe two 😉
  • Constantly craves for cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
  • Lives in her Havaianas.
  • Longing for a Labradoodle as a pet. Or a sea-otter.

Thank YOU (yes, you!) so much for dropping by our humble virtual abode, and even leaving a ‘Like’ or a little comment (we read and love every single one)! We really appreciate it. ♥


  • E-mail us at mintyandpeaches@gmail.com! We love e-mails (and snail mails, but who’s asking, huh?), and we always try to reply each and every e-mail we receive as soon as humanly possible. Which kind of means we’re pretty damn awesome to write.
  • We’re also on TWITTER and TUMBLR – both of which get updated as often as possible (though Twitter seems to be a lot more active these days, if we’re going to be honest..).
  • And don’t forget to follow us on BLOGLOVIN’ or SUBSCRIBE VIA E-MAIL in the sidebar if you like to be the first to know what Minty and Peaches are up to!

3 thoughts on “About Us/Contact”

  1. Joanna Lea said:

    So glad I stumbled upon you guys…I like that you have fashion sense AND nice writing skills peppered with your youthful spunk and humor! Yay! 🙂


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