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SAY HELLO TO my latest obsession (I feel like I say this way too often): Bing Bang’s Abracadabra cuff.

Exercise your right to stalk it immediately by clicking HERE.

I think I kind of relish the fact that it’s got letters on it (you know, the kinds of letters that don’t spell the name of the designer; come come now, Marc by Marc Jacobs.. I’m looking at you) that may or may not imply that I am distantly related to the idea of quirky fabulousness.

Is that a term, “quirky fabulousness”?

(Hahaa… It is now. Feel free to drop it wily-nily in normal conversations, guys! Extra cool-kid points if you get it in at work. TO YOUR BOSS.)

So, keeping in line with my newfound predilection for discussions: What do you guys think of bangles like this? Do you prefer your jewellery to speak, or no?

Weigh in, my lovelies!

xo, Minty