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I’ve been noticing that a lot of girls up north here in Newcastle (especially in uni) have been sporting the well manicured hair bun! At first it boggled me how their hair was so immaculate and…perfect.

I tried a few twists and turns on my hair but seeing that I don’t have full, thick locks it never turned out the way I liked it! Until…I discovered the hair donut!

People HAVE been playing cheat! I was fooled! So I found out these things are actually called “hair donuts” because it’s in the shape of donuts! I couldn’t be bothered to find a hair donut whenever I went to town, and buying it online is more expensive when you take shipping into account. So…I decided to make my own hair donut! How?

By using a sock. Yes. A SOCK!

Since I have black hair, I used a black sock for this DIY. You should choose a sock which is close to your hair colour so that it is concealed!

  • Step 1: Get an old sock
  • Step 2: Cut the closed end of the sock where your toes are. 2cm, or an inch will do the trick. Now you will have an open ended sock!
  • Step 3: Roll that sock!
  • Step 4: While rolling the sock, make sure that it is ‘tight’ and not loose.
  • Step 5: Wrap the ends around the edges! You’re done!

The end product looked like this and I was well pleased, took me 5 minutes to do!

It may not look too pleasing to the eyes but it’s going to be covered by your hair anyway!

I watched tutorials with people using loads of hairspray and bobby pins to keep the hair in place. In fact, I just used 3 small hair ties to do the trick! Like so:

I’m sorry I don’t have a step-by-step pictorial guide on how to make a hair bun, but there are great Youtube videos out there to learn!

Here’s my first try at making a hair bun:

Now I can have a big hair bun too! Yay!

I’ve just finished my exams yesterday (they were horrendous, thanks Bar Standards Board), and I am off to London today until next week to drown my exam sorrows! I can’t wait to visit the markets, can you believe I’ve never been able to catch Portobello market? I also miss Camden market, and Borough market πŸ˜€

Have a great weekend everyone!

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