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Been feeling sadly lethargic this week, and I pin all the blame on my air-conditioning unit for being so unreasonably faulty. I mean, clearly I can’t function when it’s hot. What does it think it’s doing, breaking down on me like this, all wily-nily without any pause for concern?! RUDE.

Fingers crossed the A/C guy has some time today, BECAUSE I HAVE HAD IT RIGHT UP TO HERE WITH THIS SUCKY UNIT!!

So, uhm, that’s really all the exciting news that had me preoccupied for a week (God knows what I’d do if a real emergency came along).

Otherwise, I’ve been newly obsessed with Draft Nº 17 by Jasmin Shokrian.

Staring at this bag makes me feel as if I’ve been hit by Wayne Szalinski’s shrink-ray gun and am now so small that I have no choice but to use a Jil Sander coin purse as my rockin’ new giant tote of circular goodness. For some reason, entering this path of logic really, really appeals to me.

Also, that it could double as dotty decoration on my walls really just kind of seals the deal … forever.

She manages to successfully bind all the elements I love in fashion right now: geometric shapes, major homage to colour-blocking and superb detailing on classic shapes.

How do I NOT love this collection?

Completely obsessed.

Click: http://www.jasminshokrian.com

xo, minty