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A leather jacket is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe if they live in a cold country, and I will sorely miss looking cool in my leather biker jacket once I leave the UK!

Before I came to the UK for my tertiary studies, my excited mother bought me a leather jacket from Zara. It was gorgeous – except the fact that she had bought it for me in M! I was drowning in that poor jacket! When I asked why it was in a larger size, she stated that once I start layering it’d be too tight for an XS/S.ย Since mum spent most of her young adult life in Down Under, I expected she knew her stuff.

In fact…she didn’t! I realised that it was not cool to wear a leather piece of clothing that is larger than your size. The reason for this is because leather can expand and fit to one’s body proportions after some long-wearing.

So I found the vintage leather biker jacket (top 3 photos) in Camden Market, London back in 2009 in my size and it still looks amazing on me now.ย I love the feminine torso cut which is fit for a woman’s curves, and the edgy detailing on both the shoulder and elbows.

Here’s how I wore the jacket on one of Newcastle’s sunnier days last week (can you believe it’s snowing, raining and extremely windy now? Where has Spring gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ):

I felt like a superwoman teaming this flowing cardigan + leather jacket when I was walking! It was as though I had a cape on.

How do you like wearing your leather jacket? Let me know!

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