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Life’s been more or less monotonous lately.

In between bouts of finger-wrenching, hand-bending, curse-inducing drama between me and a couple of wayward jump rings, nothing’s really been up.

I think I find a lot less to think about when I keep myself occupied, and jewellery-making is as occupied as one can get on a gloomy day around these parts.

I promise I’ll show you the fruits of my labour as soon as I’m happy with them.

On that note, am pretty sure my fingers are developing Samson-esque strength at an alarming rate. Pretty soon these babies will be able to lift some serious weightage.

Like a car.

… One can dream.

But just because it wouldn’t be a Minty post without lots more wishy-washyness, here’s a current rundown of what I’ve managed to brainwash myself into needing.

 Asymmetrical Porter Grey skirt

Potty-mouth’s dream: “Not to be F*cked With” rings by Anna Sheffield via bleachblack

Phillip Lim Abichi bag

xo, minty