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What I wore today was pretty much for the warm weather that has started hitting Newcastle as of yesterday. The Legal Pro-Bono office was very warm yesterday and I was sweating in my suit! Luckily today all I had was one hour of lecture so I didn’t have to suit up at all.

Hence, the shorts! The dipped hem on this shirt is simply amazing, as the front hem has a slight separate from the back hem, it tucks into my shorts quite seamlessly. I love the cool chic it instantly gives to an outfit.

Simple accessories today, but it’s got to be my star charm necklace from Gogo Philip that’s the star of the outfit today. Even though it’s small in size but it managed to get compliments from 3 friends today! (One reassured me she wasn’t looking at my boobs)

Of course, as this is still horrendous British weather, here’s how I went out:

My very trusty Zara coat that I’ve had since my 2nd year of university (2008)! Now that is a good investment.

Spring is coming soon, and I hope to find bunnies – apparently there are a lot around my campus!

Oh, and Happy Leap Day! Apparently it’s the day for females to propose to their male partner! Also, if he rejects her – he’ll have to pay her…?! Isn’t that hilarious?

Lastly, if you’re a Leap Day baby, happy birthday 😀

♥ P E A C H E S