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PERUSING RACHEL ZOE’s Fall 2012 collection has been such a helplessly addictive treat that it has provoked an embarrassingly all-consuming need in me to begin my transformation into a Rachel Zoe girl… Immediately.

And you’re in luck today Readers, because I have thoughtfully dissected her Formula for Cool and compiled them into a comprehensive list for you, which I am 50% sure you will find beneficial at some point in your life.

… I know.

You’re welcome.



1. Clearly, the SEXY-WORKING-GIRL look can be done with modest hems and impeccable tailoring. Purchase classic pieces in unexpected materials that are littered with accents, because a Rachel Zoe girl would never be caught dead in a boring corporate outfit. Spot: the leather suit, velvet dress, black piping on le classic white button-up, and frilly hems, for inspiration.


2. SEQUINS. I’ve been telling you guys this for a year: sequins are epic.. See how they do all the work for you as you ascend lazily through the style ranks? Just promise me you’ll keep it in the same colour palette and never expose more than one feature at a time when utilising the sequin trend. For additional cool factor, add a giant fur hat, or see #3.


3. Emulate a DISPROPORTIONAL YETI by swaddling your top half in a long-haired fur coat (preferably faux, but who am I to judge?). If the idea of going straight from human to half-Yeti is a little too much for you, look into purchasing removable furry lapels. Asos & Topshop usually have some sweet choices that promise not to break your bank. (See also: #5; Marianne Faithful & Mick Jagger in the 60’s)


4. DRAMA. Add this element to your look immediately by donning a maxi-length cardigan or dress and cinching it in at the waist. Flamboyance is essential to anyone who desires to be a Rachel Zoe girl (as is a skinny pant-suit), although she usually tries to keep it down to one dramatic piece per outfit. The maxi trend can ALWAYS be worked into a Rachel Zoe girl’s wardrobe. So, make it happen. (See also: #5)

5. MORE UNEXPECTED DETAILING & DRAMA! A true Rachel Zoe girl cannot get enough of detailing & drama! Other ways to add these to an outfit: Ginormously flared leather bellbottoms, calf-grazing scarves, giant fur hats that would make the Queen’s Guard die of envy, thigh-high boots, elbow-length gloves, and a furry hood that completes your transformation into a trendy Yeti.



– Have your hair either pin-straight or inundated with slight, imperfect waves and parted down the middle. For a touch of boho, loosely braid a lock of hair and secure with an invisible hairtie.

– Makeup is heavy on the eye (practice drawing in that eye-liner, girls!), and fairly soft on the cheeks and lip. Look into sheer pastel peachy and pink colours for the appearance of a healthy complexion.


I am suitably convinced I’d wear everything. EV-ERY-THING.

What did you think of the collection?

xo, minty