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L-R: DIY yellow, gold and silver studded bracelets; Diamanté tassel bracelets from Urban Outfitters; thrifted gold bangle; ASOS; Kitson   

My arm party for the day! I was feeling a bit stressy, and decided to embark on a little DIY on Thursday so I came up with a neon yellow charm bracelet + gold finishings, and a silver studded bracelet! Quite pleased as it took my mind off studying for a while.

I had a mock exam yesterday which lasted 3 hours but as we were to begin our lecturer says: Keep your MCQ answer sheets with you, as you will be self-marking them.

Did I hear her wrongly?

I turned around and everyone’s face was in disbelief. What then, is the point of this exam if it won’t be marked! Therefore, why would we need 3 hours to finish 4 short answer questions?!


P.S: I was good and finished within 3 hours – because I did the bloody MCQ questions.

Wore this lovely shrug cardigan I found while shopping in my closet. It’s never been worn! Poor thing.

2-finger rings are amazing as well – it’s like having 2 cupcakes for the price of 1!

Okay, that probably didn’t make sense but I just had a red velvet so you’ll have to excuse me…

Also, you can follow my fashion updates on WIWT (What I Wore Today) here! Besides the normal upload mechanism, the site has a very simple-to-use iPhone app which is free, for those iPhone users out there.

Started by Poppy Dinsey from the UK whose 2010 new years resolution was to wear more of what she had in her closet, she started a blog to document her daily wear (even when she was in hospital!). It gained so much popularity that WIWT was formed! It’s interesting to see what everyone else is wearing on a daily basis, and if your outfit looks fab it gets picked by Poppy herself as part of the daily “Editor’s Choice”! 😀 You should totally check out some crazy nail art in there as well, amazing!

Have a great weekend, all! It’s the start of the cold freeze, Newcastle and the rest of England has started snowing today!

♥ P E A C H E S