Hello, friends!!

How have you been? I trust you have all been keeping well in my absence?

I, myself, have been having an incredible fortnight celebrating the Chinese New Year which lasts a whopping 15 days – a reasonably big deal for my people, particularly since you don’t really get too many real (read: long) holidays in Chinese culture… but also because a large percentage of Chinese people would probably make a career out of gambling and eating … if they could.


Okay fine, I used the verb ‘celebrating‘ pretty loosely up there but what I really mean is ‘lazing around‘ – a hobby that none of my elders can seem to fathom. Pretty sure they think Generation Y is a total bust.

There. I said it. It’s all out in the open now!!

But I’m digressing.

For 15 days, (most) people of Chinese descent are consumed by a serious whirlwind of superstition, tradition, and activity, which you start preparing for weeks in advance.

I mean it.

This whirlwind ain’t shittin’ around, there are actual lists of things to do, and more importantly: what NOT to do, and everybody’s expected to follow a general formula of decorum.

On that note, I can only assume this speaks to an ingrained, cultural inability to relax.

I can’t lie – it’s a pretty full on experience, even if it tends to vary from province of origin, i.e. a person from the Fujien province will likely observe slightly different traditions than a person from the Jiangxi province, but it really is generally the same across the board.

… You know, just to confuse other races even more.

You can read the entire play-by-play here, if you’re interested.

It’s a lot to get through.

And try to control your emotions… I have to go through most of the motions annually.

xo, Minty