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Boyfriend shirt from Bangkok; Sweater by H&M; Bag by Longchamp

What do you do when you have an oversized boyfriend shirt? Hide it beneath a jumper and ta-daa. Preppy for uni.

I’ve also been wearing my glasses to university lately as well because I find that the Newcastle’s cold wind dries out my contact lenses pretty quickly resulting in headaches.

Talking about the cold, my dad called me from Borneo today in a state of panic because apparently “people were dying in Europe from the snow”! Hahaa! I found that so hilarious because there’s been no snow (except frost) here, so I reassured him that I was adequately dressed for the cold.

Besides…the worst thing that snow could do was freeze the water in my pipes, making my pipes burst, having the water container explode, water trickle down my ceiling and having my ceiling fall. FALL. Which by the way, DID happen, when I was staying in a cheap student house in Manchester in early 2010. What could snow possibly do to me eh, than it already has?! BRING IT ON.


I’m also quite excited to receive my FIRST Graze box today! It’s a really cool concept of having healthy snacks to be delivered to you housed in a box of 4 compartments!

Here’s what I am to anticipate in my box today:

I can’t wait to taste my new healthy snacks! These would be perfect for me to bring to uni, especially on long days (I had a 9am-8pm day yesterday, in full suit) when I don’t have time to properly sit down and eat. This would do well to keep my stomach fairly happy.

The great thing about this is that you can rate which foods you’d like to be sent or not, which is awesome if you are picky with your food. Here are the different categories of food Graze.com offers:

Click on each category and be spoilt with choice!

You should also rate the snacks, because wouldn’t you want to get something you’d like eating instead of getting 1 or 2 snacks you simply can’t eat? Like so:

I clicked ‘Bin’ on snacks I didn’t fancy eating, so I know I won’t be getting them in the near future!

If you’d like to try out your first box (for free) like me, use this code: YUM2

With that code, you’re entitled to your next box at half price £1.89 (A box including delivery costs £3.79)!

However, there’s no commitment to this and if I don’t like my Graze boxes anymore I can easily cancel my boxes. Easy peasy!

So far this is only available in the UK, so if you’ve tried the Graze box before, do let me know!

♥ P E A C H E S