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If you follow us on Twitter, I tweeted a few days ago about Urban Outfitter’s online sale and guess what was on sale?

The 11-inch Metallic Cambridge Satchel Company bag in Silver!

It was only £40 from its original of £98 (on Urban Outfitters, and £100 on the Cambridge Satchel Company site itself)! Ahhhh!

I simply LOVE a good bargain! 😀

Usually (I feel) sales come about when there is some sort of defect but I couldn’t spot any (well, maybe the right latch is just slightly off) to render the bag defective, so I am pretty pleased with my purchase! The leather straps are already softened, so I am happy that there’s some softness to the bag.

I also feel that this 11″ is such a great size for a handbag when you don’t need to carry many things! Wallet, camera, phone, lipstick. Just nice.

This is a nice addition to my other 3 satchels, yay! 😀

The satchels on sale may still be up on the Urban Outfitters site (it pops on and off, which is weird!), so grab one while you can – their Metallic Gold is also at £40!

♥ P E A C H E S