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Cropped top by Hearts & Bows; Knit skirt by Urban Outfitters; Sunburst ring by House of Harlow 1960; Bag by Cambridge Satchel Company

Hearts & Bows is one of my current liked labels (especially during sales) to get clothing from, especially since they’ve got a pretty awesome Aztec range right now and I do love them! I wore this on a movie date…Puss in Boots in 3D is just ultra cute you simply have to watch it! 😀

Was in Edinburgh over the weekend to celebrate the mister’s birthday and I’m NEVER wearing 5-inch platform heels out to party anymore! *groan* 😦 Edinburgh’s cobbled streets meant death to my feet so the mister decided to piggyback me (and run) down the streets and across roads to reach the taxi rank! It was a pretty hilarious sight.

Ever since my brother’s wedding in December, I’ve been rather lenient on my eating habits and have decided to allow myself some sweeties which led me to find a cupcake shop in Edinburgh!

So we found Bibi’s Bakery on 37 Hanover Street, Edinburgh!

The shop looked great and so did the cupcakes but…looks can be deceiving. I’ve tasted better cupcakes and for £1.95 a piece, at least I had a decent amount of cream cheese frosting! 😦 These were a tad too dry for my buds.

What I loved? Their massive macaroons! Approximately the same price as cupcakes, but it was actually pretty delicious (I tried their raspberry one) 😀

Mmm. I’ve still not found a nice cupcake shop in Newcastle, if you do know of any please do share!

Have a great mid-week 😀

♥ P E A C H E S