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Besides the odd court wear to university, I’ve been experimenting with different fashion styles. It’s always interesting what I seem to find in my limited university wardrobe (half my closet’s in Borneo) to mix and match different pieces.

I have been recycling my wardrobe, and shopping in my own closet can be quite fun (and free)!

Preppy Peaches: Gap sweater, ThePopLook chequered shirt, Next jeans, Converse shoes, 13″ Limited Edition Cambridge Satchel in Berry Blue

Urban Peaches: ASOS sport jacket, 14″ Cambridge Satchel in Vintage & Navy

Of course, my favourite accessory would be my Cambridge Satchel Company satchels! Perfect for the schooling season! It’s also cool to see that once I started parading my satchels in uni last year, a few of my Bar friends started purchasing their own CSC satchels too 😀

My power of style and persuasion works (more of the latter, really). Yes!

♥ P E A C H E S