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Kimono cardigan by H&M Conscious Collection; Skirt by Urban Outfitters


I am a sucker for anything kimono-ish. I grew up loving everything Japanese. Manga, anime, japanese songs, japanese dorama, geishas, samurai warriors, Meiji, Shogun, etc. I had the longest crush on an actor called Odagiri Joe from an old Japanese drama  called “Satorare“. I even took Japanese summer classes (speaking & writing), and graduated with 96%! Ahh I was such a fan then…

Imagine my delight when I was combing through the post-Christmas sales in Newcastle and found this gorgeous H&M kimono cardigan for…only £5 (originally £14.99)! Although the size is an EUR XS/S, the sleeves looked slightly bigger on me but then I realised..kimonos are like that anyway!

Also, the cardigan is from H&M’s Conscious Collection, which means this piece of clothing was made from recycled pieces. That’s making the world a little bit greener for us.

What’s my next plan? To hop onto a plane with one of my best friends (we made a pact) to Japan!

Ja ne!

♥ P E A C H E S