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Chiffon Pleated Dress & Suede Shoes by ASOS; Belt by Primark; Coat by Quiz

Court wear is very androgynous. Blacks with whites, minimalistic, masculine and feminine.

In Bar school here in the UK, we’re not allowed to wear any other colours besides black and white. Shoes have to be black, and a blazer is an unspoken fashion rule. This goes the same when one goes to court. Black and white are the safest colours if you happen to be needed/wanted in court.

My 2nd term has started this week, and for Advocacy class we were doing practice sessions for ‘Examination-In-Chief’. It’s basically examining witnesses in the witness dock with questions to get their version of the story out.

Mind you, it’s tougher than it sounds.

Rambling witnesses, hostile witnesses, awkward witnesses…


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