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American Apparel tee, Carly Hunter trousers, Rachel Pally printed scarf (tied into bow), Zara nude bag, Chan Luu triple-wrap bracelet, Steve Madden flats

Finding new ways to disguise my tees and make them more work-appropriate is a challenging ordeal. Sometimes I wonder if my morning rush would be a lot less of a rush if I just stuck to the normal button-ups and silk blouses (it probably would be).. but then I remember that I can’t live without t-shirts, and that I can’t give up my addiction for jersey and unfortunately that’s really just the way the cookie crumbles.

Love this Rachel Pally printed chiffon scarf I got off of Shopbop a million years ago on sale. I just happened to dig it up this morning whilst rummaging desperately through the treacherous depths of my closet as my Blackberry was ringing off the hook, and tied it on half-skidding down the staircase.

In hindsight, I’m lucky I a) didn’t faceplant on the staircase, b) ended up being pretty pleased with how the look turned out when I was primping in the office toilet. Maybe I should have more of those tense morning moments…


xo, minty