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First day back to Bar school, and I had woken up at 6.30am jetlagged for my 9am class. I really wanted to go to class in my pyjamas because I was so tired but whenever I feel down I try to make an effort to dress like I care (so that people won’t know how I am feeling) πŸ˜€

I received this cute spiked necklace from ASOS (at only Β£3!)Β when I arrived back in Newcastle yesterday, and simply could not resist adding a bit of metal to my shift knit tunic this morning:

Accompanied with a simple knit shift tunic from H&M:

I’d have added more hard metal, but I really didn’t want to scare my barrister tutor. Though…she does like to adorn herself with thick silver pieces. Who said lawyers can’t be fashionable?

I’m suddenly feeling incredibly tired with a humongous headache but I can’t rest until the end of the week.Β Thanks, Bar school.


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