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This day had to come.

I’ve been dreading it for the past few days, and my mood has really plummeted to a real low. It’s difficult to comprehend what I’m feeling right now, because for the many years previous to this I have never felt this homesick…

…and I’ve not even left Borneo yet. Lame.

I could blame it on the monthly, but I think the problem stems from the fact that I’ll be going back to Bar school after such a good 3-week Christmas break. Not looking forward to a 16-hour flight (excluding transit time) back to the UK and the already impounding stress 😦

At least, I will have some basic necessities to keep me company:

  • Eyemask (from the Emirates plane)
  • Kindle (to read my books)
  • iPod Touch (to listen to my music)
  • Facial Blotters (to keep the excess oil at bay)
  • Dry Shampoo (to make my hair ‘look’ fresh)
  • Disposable Toilet Seat Covers (to avoid bum diseases, really)

Dry shampoo is a must! Get off that 16-hour flight with a clean crown of hair, and be the envy of all the rest of the females on the plane (besides the air stewardess) 😀

The ultra handy palm-sized travel perfume spray to smell great on the plane. Remember, nobody likes sitting next to someone reeking of bad body odour!

This is how you bring along your favourite smells with you by making use of the mini pump at the bottom of the gadget:

Lastly, is this:

Need I say more? No more bum diseases!

I’m still feeling a bit sad to leave home, but at least a fellow Bar school mate will be on the same plane from Dubai. I won’t be too homesick then.

Have a great weekend all, I doubt I will be able to update my portion to this blog as often due to Bar school but I will try my best! 😀

♥ P E A C H E S