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Now that reindeers and Christmas trees are being replaced by disco balls and copious amounts of glittering confetti, it seems that we have once again come full circle. (Boo.)

Needing to make my mind up about my resolutions for ’12, although maybe this year I’ll try to keep it to 3 bullet points instead of ambitiously jotting down 3 pages.

Which – come to think of it – really makes it more of a bucket list than a resolutions list…

Anyway, since the scent of the holidays hasn’t really quite left since the week before Christmas, things are stagnating at the office. Hence, onwards and upwards to Polyvore, to chart my (imaginary) perfect party outfit!

WWMW: New year's Eve 2012

I always enjoy incorporating basics into my outfits, regardless of occasion. As I’ve said before, I seem to enjoy dressing like a slob. This means untucked is always going to be better than tucked-in (much to my mother’s horror), tightly-belted waists are generally too confining to be tolerated for more than half a day, and basic long-line tunics or slouchy anythings will always take precedence over a tailored blouse.

Of course, I make exceptions for blazers, work trousers, and the occasional floofy skirt for dressy dinners.

Luckily for me, my penchant for the bright and glittery has saved me on more than one occasion from looking completely homeless.


Happy new year guys. See you all on the flip side!

much love, Minty