I spent the recent Christmas up in the highlands of Borneo as I’ve not been back to the lush green highlands since 2008, where my dad comes from. The story of my parents goes like this: Jungle Boy falls in love with City Girl. Yep. Tarzan and Jane, except that my dad wore bell-bottomed pants and wore his hair long 😉

I actually spent most of my time there reading a LOT as I have not been able to read as much as I’d like to while doing the Bar, and hanging out with the extended family.

The weather there is cool, but it can dip to 10°C at night due to its high altitude. You may think this isn’t cold but when the temperature in the day time is between 28°C – 35°C, the sudden dip can prove a bit too chilly.

My trip was cut short though, so I didn’t manage to do a lot of outdoor things I usually do there (jungle trekking, swimming in the streams and waterfalls, or even hunting, etc.).

Oh, and grandma cried when I left 😦

It’s always quite fulfilling to go back to one’s roots, strengthen one’s command of the language, and build relationships. Just one more sleep to a BRAND NEW YEAR!! Have you made a new years resolution list yet? I really should start on mine…

♥ P E A C H E S