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The man and I visited some crocodiles who were basking in the Borneoan sun yesterday, and boy, were they hungry during feeding time!

It’s the monsoon season in Borneo (November – March) so the weather hasn’t been too difficult on me and there’s always a cool breeze around. Still, shorts and tank tops are a staple in these parts. Observe:

I am absolutely loving this loose and airy Aztec print top from Hearts & Bows purchased only at a cool £14.99!

My arm-party:

*Please ignore my awkward hands! 

What I like about being on the sunny equator is that I can have a massive arm-party which is left undisturbed! No need for tugging-in-annoyance at long sleeved attires because it’s gotten stuck with a bangle or two.

It’s the NEW year in just 2 sleeps! Do you have any resolutions? 😀

♥ P E A C H E S