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Playing around with the new WordPress application on my iPad and I have to say, it’s all kinds of unfriendly (read: ginormous pain in the butt), though it sure beats blind-typing as I’ve done on more than one occasion on this thing.

Um, so, I shouldn’t complain, really. At least I can see what I’m actually typing, which is an incredibly nice change. Also, I can tap carelessly on here and Apple does a considerably polite job of auto-correcting me.

It’s really nice…

But anyway, on to less boring things!

See my new shoes?

Shiny, just the way I like it.

Totally in love with them, they were imploring me to take them home from the Gorman window over at GPO. They’re about a half size too large (that’s the curse of being in-between shoe sizes) but that’s really what insoles were invented for.

And also, I really can’t pass up the opportunity to buy shiny shoes on sale.

I just can’t.

xo, Minty