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Here are some items I’d love for Christmas *hinthint* 😉

#1: Polaroid film from The Impossible Project

I need stocking up on my polaroid film (mine is a Type 600 camera, which was a present)! These film are high in demand, and low in production at any one time (it was a dying industry before The Impossible Project revived one of the Polaroid factories).

#2: Least Weasel

Found out about these wild cuties from BBC’s Frozen Planet documentary! Besides being cuties, they are a bunch of bad asses catching pesky rodents for you like so:

AHH SO CUTE RIGHT?! That rat is SO much bigger than the least weasel as well! Also, did you expect his body to be so long? I didn’t! I love surprises.

So please surprise me with one! Yes…I know they’re wild but…they’re SO DARN CUTE!

#3 Watches

I used to wear watches when I was younger but they were always prone to falling apart so having a good sturdy one would be beneficial for me in the long run (instead of looking at the time on my phone). I just don’t know what brands are good (AND affordable)!

Here are some of the colours I’ve fallen in love from Toy Watch:

I love it matte, classic and if it were glow-in-the-dark that’d be even more fab!

#4 Chan Luu Friendship Bracelets

These are ridiculously expensive but are SO gorgeous! Please get me one?

#5 House of Harlow 1960 cuffs

These textured and vintage cuffs from House of Harlow 1960 are a must-have! Both can be purchased here and here!

#6 Wrap Dress

A million dress in one, this is a style-saver! I am spoilt for choice by Butter By Nadia!

#7 Havaianas Slim Fitinhas

If you didn’t already know, I am a major fan of Havaianas and one of my childhood dreams was to be the CEO of Havaianas. I guess that’ll never happen… Anyway, ‘fitinhas’ in Portugese means ‘ribbons’, and these add a cute feature to the Havaianas! Please get me one? (Psst. I am a USA 4/5 and Europe 37/38) Hehe!

#8 iwhore t-shirts

T-shirt from iwhore tees, at £25! How badass is that?


Very strategically placed, eh? Found here at iwhore tees!

#9 Darth Vader LEGO Alarm Clock

Need I say more?!

The only sad thing is that the beeping alarm sound is NOT the Imperial March 😦 It just beeps. However, I’m pretty sure this huge LEGO Darth Vader would still make a good alarm clock!

#10 Pass the Bar

No explanations needed.

So what are YOU wishing for this Christmas? 🙂

♥ P E A C H E S