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If you have not read Minty’s post on how she personalized her Cambridge Satchel Company satchel here, then fear not because I decided to follow her AMAZING idea to pimp up the empty space on the front of my satchel as well! I have 3 satchels, with 2 embossed.

There is an empty ‘pocket’ on the front of the satchel for your namecard, etc but so far I’ve not actually seen anyone on the streets or on blogs except for dear ol’ Minty, make use of that space.

So one night last week when my legal homework wasn’t getting into my head, I decided to take a Natwest magazine (yes, you can find great pictures from a bank magazine ;)) and crop some stuff out. Here’s what I Β settled on:

Images that are too detailed (photographs) don’t work well in that small space, so opt for clean images such as the birds in my blue satchel.

NOTE: I have edited the colours of the photos to represent closely the true colour of the satchels in real life so if you are wondering if I had a quick tan…I didn’t! πŸ˜€

13-inch satchel in Berry Blue (embossing is covered)

Family Of Birds

13-inch satchel in pink stripes (CSC x ASOS)

Spring Flowers

14-inch satchel in Vintage & Navy (embossing is covered)

Russian Doll

I love how my bags have a personal touch now besides the embossing! It can also add character to your bag, which is great.

If you were to ask me which is my favourite satchel, it would be my classic 14-inch Vintage & Navy satchel because it was very first satchel and the satchel just feels most comfortable with me when I use it! (Yes it’s a weird feeling I know).

I hope you gained a few easy DIY ideas from Minty and I! Do show us yours when you have personalised yours and we’ll link you back πŸ˜€

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