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Shirt by Forever 21, Topshop jeans, Sportsgirl necklace, TW Steel watch, YSL bag, Havaianas

I’m under no delusions when I travel. It’s always comfort first, and yea that’s what I tell myself to get to sleep at night, because I may or may not be intrinsically a slob.

I stick to a set of criteria, which I adhere faithfully to with bullish dedication.

It is as follows:

Minty’s Sartorial Criteria for Short-Haul Flights

  • Oversized top – look, I don’t know what it is, but high altitudes make me bloat.
  • Jeggings (insanely stretchy jeans are also acceptable)/Harem pants (these are always going to be preferrable) – see: ‘oversized top’
  • Slouchy bag – because I just tend to believe I need a lot of stuff (that I never actually pull out…).
  • Havaianas/Ratty, soft comfortable flats – ‘cos my feet swell at high altitudes. (IS IT JUST ME?! ‘COS THAT’S GOING TO BE SERIOUSLY EMBARRASSING.)
  • Watch – I just like to know that time hasn’t stopped whilst I’m suspended in limbo in the plane. Or, at least, that’s what it always seems to feel like.

There’s a couple more things on my list for a long-haul flight, which I’ll probably get to soon.

But anyway.

Something that truly fascinates me – I’ve seen a fair amount of women tottering down the aisles in high heels and figure-hugging dresses, and I just want to know one thing: DON’T YOUR FEET SWELL UP?! WHAT IF THERE’S TURBULENCE? CAN YOU KEEP YOUR BALANCE? HOW DO YOU DO IT??

.. All right, so that’s four things.

But seriously, I must know.

Please share your secrets with me.

[EDIT:] I’ve decided to turn this into a TRAVEL SERIES. Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2: What I pack in my carry-on & Part 3: My long-haul flight outfit!

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xo, minty