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Just got back from a trip to the capital over the long weekend, where the humidity feels about twice as vicious and the shopping is infinitely better.

Amazing blue. I fell prey to its siren call and purchased it … even though I probably have enough cobalt in my wardrobe to wear nothing but for a long time.

My dressing table always seems to look as if a beauty store hurled on it.

Evidently, mad dashes in the morning are a way of life, regardless of the city I’m in.

FOAM ART! I’m a huge sucker for foam art. Sure this teeny little cup probably took longer than was neccessary to arrive, but I mean, LOOK AT IT!

.. Granted, I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty (NEVER HAVE BEEN…. although now that I’ve gone and opened my big fat mouth, karma will most probably work its cruel magic and get me back by making me wallpaper my room with this eerie, mouthless cat face with dots for eyes in a lurid shade of pink by this time next year), but it’s hard not to appreciate something like this.

I mean, I’ve tried my hand at foam art.

Despite my best efforts, it looked like vomit.

Conclusion: this is both cool, and a skill I was never meant to acquire.

Buying bright nailpolish is like an addiction for me.

Or an incurable disease, however you want to look at it, really.

Just in time, too.

See how chipped my current manicure is becoming? … Yeah, that’s all me. Picking at my nailpolish is obviously a disgusting habit. On the bright side (you see what I did there?), if you ever lose me all you need to do is follow the neon crumb trail…

xo, minty