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Printed scarf, Brogues, Satchel, Mixed Metal Accessories, Acne shirt, Carly Hunter pants

Portmans silk scarf, Acne tee, Carly Hunter pants, Witchery satchel, Zomp shoes

In between stressing over mind-numbing percentages and ridiculously maddening news, letters and claims (evidently, men in the 21st century are bigger divas than women), it’s been a horrific past coupla days for me.


Been feeling sleepy all day, and probably the only thing saving me from dropping off into Lala-land is alternately trolling through fashion blogs and attempting to concentrate on tapping this out to you guys. (Yay for blogger’s dedication!)

Otherwise, I was going to say something infinitely pointless about seriously loving mixing gold and silver accessories together, but I seem to have forgotten what else I was planning to tack on to the end of that.

Uh, so this will have to do for now.

So how’s your week faring? Hope it’s all been better than mine (and it’s only TUESDAY… I miss being in Uni)!

xo, minty