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At long last, fashion-wizard extraordinaire Tom Ford has released his top-secret collection for Spring 2012 and HOT DAY-UMN, is it ever a treat!

Here are a couple of my favourites from his lineup:

See the rest of the collection here.

Following the debut of his collection, critics have lashed out, calling his creations “a little flat” and accusing the collection of resembling an out-dated Gucci collection 10 years ago.

More critcisms called the collection:

… the fussy complications of the cuts (drawstrings, shirring, high-waisted skirts, leg-of-lamb sleeves), the disheveled hairstyle of a girl barely back from happy hour, and the overdone makeup… Overload is the key word of the show… The laced shoe? An ersatz model of an Alaia. The jogging shorts in black leather? Already seen last year in Celine’s cruise collection, as were the sandals with bracelet straps (here, encrusted with rhinestones). The coat bristling with raffia? A pale version of those in Yves Saint Laurent’s spring 1967 collection.


Granted, I certainly didn’t appreciate every single one of his pieces, but I totally respect his right to have a vision… and isn’t fashion a form of artistic expression anyway?

I mean, is it intrinsically moral to pass such unfiltered judgement on something – even though someone puts themselves out there (hence, perhaps “asking for it“) – or has society simply conditioned us to think it’s okay?

You know, ‘cos I really didn’t think his collection was as appalling as what these critics are suggesting!

In reponse, Ford has reportedly said:

“I’ve streamlined things more this season. I think I’m very classic, because what I do is always based on something you’ve seen before. And yes, maybe there’s something YSL about it. When I left off designing for women, I was at YSL so I’m working through that to be me, asking myself, What do I like? What defines your brand?”

YEAA! Do what you want, Tom Ford! You’re still a legend!

*cue emotional tears rolling down face*

So… what did you think of Tom Ford’s latest collection? Yay or nay? And did you agree with what the critics said?

Leave your response in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

xo, minty