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This is not just another wedding, it’s my brother’s wedding!

It’s happening this December, and I’ll be flying home for the celebration back in Borneo. The sad thing is that due to an exam I have before I fly, I will only arrive on the wedding day itself at 10.45am. The wedding starts at 9.45am. So unfortunate! ๐Ÿ˜ฆย If the 18-hour flight home is not bad enough, there is a +8 hour difference so the day advances more when I fly home.

I will have to do my hair and makeup on the plane, before I rush out and take a taxi to the church (I suppose everyone will be too tied up to wait for me at the airport *sadface* ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ).ย Besides that problem (of looking fab getting out of the plane), I have another big problem:

What do I wear to the church wedding?

My older brother is the first sibling in my family to get married, so I don’t want to look drab on his wedding day!

The wedding colour theme is:ย yellow, navy, blue and white. My mum has said to use other colours (which I don’t understand, am I not allowed to wear the theme colours?) as long as it isn’t too revealing or dashing to eclipse the bride. She also specially mentioned: “nothing too pretty”.

Thanks mum.

She tells me not to wear anything too revealing, but further confides in me that she purchased a “special bra” so that she can “show a bit of cleavage he he he”.

okay mum. So I can’t wear anything pretty and revealing but you can?! I think non-saggy boobs (i.e. mine) are better to look at than saggy ones (i.e. mum). Right? He he he.

So here are 3 choices I’ve made so far for the day wedding (reception will be another dress):

Dress #1

Silver Grey Galactic Block Dress by Lipsy

I am wearing a UK Size 6 dress by Lipsy, even though I am more of a Size 8.

I love the colour of the dress, but it is a tad tight on the bust hence the absence of a bra. Also,ย I don’t think it would be right to walk into church without a bra on…

The other problem with this Size 6 dress is that the area around my bust is so tight, the straps are loose and therefore falls from my shoulders. I could do without a wardrobe malfunction in church!

What do you think?

Dress #2

Lipsy - Cool Grey One Shoulder Pleated Dress

This is another Lipsy dress I got in grey. The dress is a tad tight on me, but it looks gorgeous!

Another problem? The bust can’t fit a bra. I can’t walk into church without a bra on!

Dress #3

Katie cream lace dress by ASOS

(Ignore my awkward pose) My big hips + thighs are unavoidable in this dress but a pair of high heels help tone down the look!

Of all the dresses, this ASOS dress is most comfortable (as it isn’t tight), and I am not showing a lot of skin. However, I am afraid it may not be the right dress to wear to my brother’s wedding. Also, I definitely need some waist-defining accessory to combat attention to my hips and thighs.

What do you think?

This is a lace dress in the like of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress:

I can’t wait to see my brother’sย fiancรฉe’s dress! I am sure she’ll look absolutely gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜€

It’ll be fun to finally have a sister as well (let’s hoping she doesn’t turn out to be one of those despised sister-in-laws), since I am the only girl in the family.

So here’s a clueless me, who needs YOUR help to help me in what to wear for my brother’s wedding!

I’ll probably ask my future sister-in-law what colour scheme she’d like me to wear if I still am too clueless!

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