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Minty's Life EssentialsMinty's Outfit of the Day: Shiny Stuff
Bag and top by Zara, Sereni & Shentel Blair headband in light silver, Personalized Boutique necklace, Sportsgirl bangle, Steve Madden shoes

I never realized how completely unfit for public consumption I actually am whenever I have to dig around in my bag for some stupid thing that always eludes capture… until my mother pointed it out this morning.

I do NOT (as I previously thought), look like this:
Total fantasty.

Not even CLOSE.

This is what I REALLY look like:

Minty being EmbarrassingHarsh reality.

I would’ve thought she could have found some time in the TWO DECADES SINCE SHE’S HAD ME to let me know that I’m shooting my public image square in the face.

Thanks ma.

xo, minty