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This winter will be seeing me in my current winter favourite: earmuffs.

I can’t believe I’ve never used them before! I wore lots of beanies before to cover my ears, but never an earmuff. How strange! I had gotten one as a present, but never really had the courage (if I may say so myself) to wear them out in public.

But I do now. Why? Well…one thing is the bloody strong wind up North here. It’s horrendous. Petite me, all 5′ 1” nearly being swept off my feet (and not by some hot man, mind you) due to those blistering winds. The wind rattles in my ears causing ice grief, which then transfers to my bones and I do a little jiggly dance because I am prone to getting ‘chills down me spine’, then I see stars in my eyes… It’s the bloody cold.

Now that I am wearing soft fluffy things around my ears, none of the above happens. Well, rarely. But, I still hate the cold (unlike Minty).

Seeing that I am currently in Edinburgh, Scotland for the week, I popped by this lovely tea house which is IN an antique shop (how cool!) which is nearby where I am staying. The shop is very unassuming and I’ve walked past it many times in previous years without realising there was something there! So what is this place named? Well:

Did you get it? 😀 Antiques + Tea = Anteaques?

It’s one of my little cosy and warm hideaways, and I’d recommend it to anyone making a visit to Edinburgh. They are currently only open Fridays to Sundays for tea, as other days are for trading antiques! If you are a Bargain Hunt/Flog It! enthusiast like me, you’ll fall in love with this quaint place. Do make a booking before you go though, their books are usually quite full! Visit here.

The interior 

Anteaques has a wide range of teas, and they also happen to be suppliers of tea to a number of cafes in Edinburgh. You can see one of the teaman looking through a cupboard searching for a bag of tea!

Even some of the cutleries used are antiques! Pop a look at the maker’s stamp underneath your saucer, now that’s effective learning from watching Bargain Hunt!

Their glass teapots are fascinating, the loose tea is placed in a separate holder in the teapot and its essence seeps out through holes on its sides so you have clean tea.

Apple and jasmine tart. Mmmm

I’m not a citizen of these parts, but I do enjoy my tea-time.

Like the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do“.

♥ P E A C H E S