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In between bouts of alternately sneezing my lungs out and dabbing furiously at my leaky eyes with a mangled piece of tissue, it’s been pretty difficult to concentrate on scraping grey matter out on here these past couple of days.

But it’s been awfully slow around here today, and I’m already bored of staring out my window at children being dragged, crying and screaming bloody murder, into the pediatrician’s office next door.

Usually this is pretty entertaining – kids will do and say the darndest things to get out of a visit to the doctor’s (a particularly legendary line by a little fishball of a boy: “I’LL EAT THE VEGETABLES, DAAA-DDYYY NOOOOO!!!” *clings heroically to glass doors*) but today it just kind of sounds as if somebody’s fingernails are being pulled off, one by one.


So I’d taken to perusing the Internet to take my mind off the torturous sound, when I came across these:

Christian Louboutin ‘Alex’ Lion Paw heel

(What a mouthful.)

SJP wore them:

And so did Blake Lively:

What do you guys reckon?

I’m actually seriously into these shoes. I just happen to feel like they’re a natural progression from animal prints; a logical next step up; and hey, if it’s good enough for the King of the Jungle, it sure as hell is gonna be good enough for me.
Also, I’d be totally lying if I said I hated anything kitschy. And this is definitely all kinds of kitsch.


xo, minty