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Feeding squirrels in the park and watching them hide their goodies, delighting in antiques, lining up for tea in Bettys, freshly made brownies from the Farmer’s Market, scoring a big mug of hot chocolate for free from Evil Eye (which Johnny Depp apparently frequented during his filming days of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)… these are some of the things done in a day in York last weekend.

TOMS shoes, Cambridge Satchel Company bag, White cotton shirt with dual length worn here

I had to try Bettys – everyone who’s been to York can’t stop raving about it. I finally got to see what Bettys is all about after 3 years in the UK.

They’re right, their pastries are delicious and they make beautiful hot chocolate (not much of a tea person)! However, I’ve a softer spot for a hidden tea spot I frequent while in Edinburgh which I’ll reveal to you in my next post. It’s in an antique shop!

Their custard fruit tart was delicious! Sorry about the face puzzle – Minty and I are still trying to preserve our anonymity. (Okay, we’re just shy)

My mittens and ear muffs were out for the day – it was simply too cold to take too many pictures! Before I end this post, here’s another photograph of me feeding the cute (and fat) squirrels with peanuts:

The leaves are starting to turn yellow and fall – a sure sign of winter 😦 Better feed the squirrels now before they go off to sleep!

♥ P E A C H E S