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ASOS palazzo pants, American Apparel tee, Low Luv necklace, Satch belt, Steve Madden shoes

Hm. Looking at these images is a terrifying experience for me. Am still attempting to work out which settings work best in different lighting situations and don’t even get me started on the horrors of editing … so I can only hope you get the gist of it, as it’s pretty obvious I’ve got miles to go.

Uh … Many, many miles.

It might be decades before I’ll ever offer to photograph anybody professionally… if ever (read: MOST LIKELY NEVER.)

Here’s hoping there’s points for trying though, seeing as how about 50% of you have voted for more outfit posts from us!

On that note, Peaches and I would really like to thank each and every one of our awesome readers for all your love and support. We just can’t say it nearly enough. You’ve all been insanely sweet to us from day one, and you have no idea how incredibly blessed and lucky we feel every single time we receive a lovely comment or e-mail from one of you, so keep them coming!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are and God bless.

xo, minty