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Recently ASOS gave me a free account upgrade to ASOS Premier (up to Christmas) for no apparent reason and so I was obviously stoked!

Free next day delivery? Yes please!

The downside? This has made my shopping at ASOS more frequent than ever. But…I like how everything arrives so quickly! (easily satisfied)

For the past Sundays ASOS has been having it’s “Timed Sales” where things would retail at amazingly slashed prices for a limited few hours. Last weekend was no exception.

It was for shoes. I don’t know if I am regretting this.

I bought:

ASOS PAULINA Suede Platform Sling Back Shoe

Original Price: £65.00

Bought for: £32.50 during the ASOS Timed Sale

Current Price: £45.50

Verdict: 8/10. I LOVE it! The heel is daunting (I am feeling 5.5 inches) but the platform takes a lot of height away so it feels comfortable on my feet. My legs look elongated with or without tights (and I have a perkier bum!). The only problem is the shiny silver bit, it’s a slippery grip. However, this might be a keeper!

ASOS TRICK Leather Wedge Shoe Boot

Original Price: £75.00

Bought for: £37.50 during the ASOS Timed Sale

Current Price: £52.50

Verdict: 6/10. I love platform wedges, as they provide the best support in heels but this disappointed me. Even though it has a funky aesthetic look in real life (think Lady Gaga), the sole was uncomfortable for my poor feet as the shoe’s cutting failed to fit me properly. I shall have to send this back 😦

ASOS TEMPER Pleated Side Zip Shoe Boot

Original Price: £35.00

Bought for: £17.50 during the ASOS Timed Sale

Current Price: £28.00

Verdict: 7/10. I love the modest heel (4-inch) and the front pleating gave a chic look to the shoe. However, the side zip digs into my skin as I was trying them on. It’s either I iron the side zip into its rightful place or send them back. I’m thinking the latter.

I am most likely to keep the first pair of shoes (the suede platforms) but am sad to have to send back the other two pairs as they do not fit me well 😦

What do you think? Should I keep the suede platforms?

♥ P E A C H E S