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I’ve been using the Asience shampoo for oily hair and the conditioner from their nourishing range for a while now, which I’ve really fallen in love with.

The shampoo, anyway.

It’s an absolute dream for a person suffering from an oily scalp (me) who lives in an extremely humid environment (also me), although I can’t really vouch for the bit about tangles.

I don’t really recall ever struggling too much with knotty hair (unless I’ve gotten a little too excited with my barrel brush and have unintentionally installed said brush in a nest of my own hair), but I suppose there is a possibility that this shampoo has helped make any tangly occurrences shrink down to nearly non-existent… I’m not really too sure.

Anyway, the point is, I loved it enough to repurchase it when I ran out.

So this morning, I lugged these new bottles out from under my sink to replace the empty ones in my shower.

Awesome shampoo. Not too sure about the conditioner, but I suppose I felt like I was willing to give it a second shot the day I bought these.

I started scrubbing away at my pearly-whites in a post-sleep daze, and turned the bottles to the back to run my eye down the list of ingredients just for something to stare at, other than my own vapid expression in the mirror (ahem, who says I can’t multi-task?).

Ever wondered what white noise looks like, written down? Read the list of ingredients in a beauty product.

Yup, yup. Big words I can’t pronounce, other words that I can pronounce but have no hope of ever understanding, some meaningless numbers thrown in to break up all those confusing words…
So, basically… all the normal stuff.

Then I got to the bottom.


Oddly unconcerned about the unpronounceable garbage prior to the only word I can understand in that list.

Of course, this sparked an immediate search on Google.

I mean, is caramel a normal ingredient in shampoo??

Why didn’t I type that instead of THIS??

Anyway, it worked out in the end.

I found an all-natural Caramel treatment for hair, which apparently works serious wonders as a deep, nourishing hair mask. Here’s another variation. Both of these recipes don’t use actual caramel, but gooey sweet substances like molasses and honey are involved. Among other things, really.

Exciting stuff.

That being said though, I highly doubt I’d be able to intentionally coat my hair in anything that might attract the attention of insects (obviously, from the looks of things it seems as if caramel in my shampoo is alright.. though in my defense, I haven’t noticed any insects particularly favouring my head over another human’s).

What about you? Would you try these recipes out?

xo, minty