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In a frenzied moment of Impatient Shopper’s Syndrome (this has got to be a real disease or something), I bought a two Cambridge Satchels off the shelf in Melbourne.

… This means I don’t get to have any embossing on my satchels, even though I tried asking.

“No, we don’t provide embossing services,” Friendly Lady Behind the Counter replied politely.

Cue me, eyes bugging desperately: “But.. BUT… WHY NOT?!”

I was met by Awkward Silence from Friendly Lady, obviously putting me in some sort of Crazy-Customers-to-Avoid-In-Future list in her head.

So I tried taking matters into my own hands by Googling leather embossing machines.

HAH!! How big can they be anyway?” I scoffed, typing it in the search bar.

As it turns out… They’re pretty big.

Observe: A classic leather embossing machine.


So I said goodbye to owning my own leather embossing machine (boohoo) and set my sights on my craft drawer.

Eventually (read: weeks later), I managed to churn the creative juices in my brain hard enough to come up with something that manages to (kind of) make up for the fact that my satchels don’t boast embossing on their flaps.

I cut out a portion of a star-spangled top Anne Hathaway was wearing in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine and stuffed it into the little pocket in the front, which I assume was originally meant for people to put their details in.


An easy and fuss-free alternative! .. One that doesn’t involve potentially injuring myself or causing grevious, irreparable damage to my satchel. Phew.

Sorry Anne. It was nothing personal.




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Thanks guys!

xo, minty