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YAY it’s my birthday today! 😀 Thank you Minty for the lovely post!

However, I had my disposal hearing case today (I was for the Defendant) at 2pm so I could only properly celebrate after 4pm! Hence, the “work” outfit! I don’t like boring you with work outfits (and I’m NOT even working!), but I realised that what I was wearing today was below £35 with 2 items being on sale! Fantastic!


Not counting my Sereni & Shentel x Anna Coroneo printed silk headband in Spring Fling (it’s £25 on its own) which was a birthday present from Minty! I wore it for advocacy today for good luck 😉 It worked to calm my nerves. Good going, Mints!

Omitting my lovely headband, the rest of my outfit: blazer, layered top and high-waisted skirt were less than £35!

  • Black Cotton Blazer: £14.99 (H&M current season)
  • White Layered Top: £10 from £70 (Selected Femme bought from Brandalley, in this post)
  • High-Waisted Skirt: £7 (H&M on sale)

Which is a GRAND TOTAL of…£31.99! 😀

How is that for cheap? A work outfit shouldn’t be expensive, and sales are the best places to get them!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I am looking forward to Japanese tonight and a good night of partying before I begin work tomorrow for next week’s load. Sad life of a barrister-to-be eh?

♥ P E A C H E S