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Alexander Wang

I simultaneously hate and love theOutnet.com. Discounted designer goodies? I mean, how DO you pass that up?? SERIOUSLY.

Also currently really into pleats for some odd reason. Was never particularly ever really drawn to pleats – I’ve always found them sort of cumbersome on my frame, and for some upsetting reason, pleats refuse to make nice with my hips. -_-

Having them on my school uniform in high school was a total nightmare, and the only thing that made it that much more bearable was that EVERYONE ELSE HAD TO WEAR IT TOO.



Hence, this new-found love for pleats may or may not speak to a maturing sense of personal style, but really, only time will tell.

Until then, I really have to learn how to quit browsing through online shops whenever I’ve got a spare moment. I really can’t tell whether it relaxes me or causes me emotional distress.

Maybe it’s a little bit of both, although I sometimes get the feeling it leans precariously towards the emotional distress thing.

Who really knows for sure? *SHRUGS*

xo, minty