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Minty's Favourite Makeup for OctoberMinty's Favourite Time WasterMinty's Favourite Nailpolish: Mecca Cosmetica's "Painted Beauty"

Minty's Favourite DIY Bracelet

Minty's Favourite Jewellery

1. Nyx blush in Angel, Smashbox bronzer in Bronze Lights/Suntan Matte & brushes I keep reaching for by Mecca Cosmetica and Sephora. Am pretty boring when it comes to makeup these days – I’m lucky if I have time in the morning to swipe any eyeliner on at all.

2. Rubiks Cube. My greatest source of frustration this month. Will soon banish it to where it belongs: at the back of my stationery drawer, to be forgotten for another couple of months until I start rummaging around in there again.

3. Mecca Cosmetica’s Painted Beauty. Ran a mattifying top coat over the top and now my nails look as if I’ve coloured them in with a garish pink highlighter. I enjoy this effect with great relish (offensive nails are still my biggest pleasure in life) and will most likely do it again.

4. Favourite quote by Mark Twain.

5. Been on a bit of a DIY bracelet binge lately, and am incredibly satisfied with the outcome of my latest brainchild.

6. Sportsgirl bangle I almost never take off.

xo, minty