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To those who are celebrating, Happy Deepavali!

The above mural, entirely made out of RICE and decorated on the ground is for the Deepavali holidays abounding. Back home, this is a public holiday but it isn’t here in the UK.

It didn’t mean we couldn’t go out celebrating! A few friends I’ve just made celebrate this festival so off we went to an Indian Restaurant called Rasa Restaurant down in Quay Side which is apparently on the Michelin 2010 & 2011 guide! The food was delicious, and so was their mango lassi. Mmm.

Here’s a review made by Jamie Oliver who’s been there a few times:

“The bloke’s a complete genius and such a nice guy. The food’s fantastic and inspiring. I have taken people to his restaurant on about ten occasions just to show off.”Jamie Oliver

I decided to wear something that would be Indian-ish wear, and opted in a honeysuckle/pink colour theme. In fact, one of my friends commented: You are definitely dressed more for Deepavali than we are! Can’t work it without the dangly earrings ladies 😉

Here’s what I wore:

Dangly gold earrings with cut-out flower motifs make the outfit! I am wearing jewellery from Kitson, dark navy skinnies from Zara and a split-sleeve top I bought online back in Borneo.

Add a pop of colour to my Zara coat with a print H&M scarf, and my pink 13″ Cambridge Satchel Company satchel! I’ve been getting rave compliments for my satchel – everyone loves a pop of colour! 😀

Button up and ready to go! I love how the scarf makes me have a “posh” sort of collar. You know, the ones that pompous men wear… Right.

The restaurant had random walls of deep pink and I would have totally blended into the wall if I were in front of it! In the future I’ll take a photograph, and you’ll see what I mean (from its website you can tell what a pink place it is).

I’m posting this past midnight, because I am procrastinating from doing Bar work. I really, really don’t want to go to university tomorrow and make my speech. Oh woe is me 😦 Help.

♥ P E A C H E S