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Sportsgirl tee, navy Zara workpants, old Satch belt, Muji document-bag, gifted silver bangle, Seed wraparound bracelet, DIY thin cotton bracelet

I used to really despise pink. In fact, my abhorrence for the colour was palpable enough that it became a right-old Minty repellent. 

Correspondingly, I aimed to brain-wash my pink-loving friends (gawd, do I have a lot of these) to similarly turn against this most Barbie-esque of colours, but to no avail.

Then one horrible day, somebody got sick of me and my chromo-ism and laid a mean curse on me: “One day, you’ll start getting into pink stuff, and then I’ll point my finger at you and laugh and I’ll never let you forget it, EVER. EVER!!!!!”

These were words that were eeriely reminiscent of a wronged witch. I mean, really. Who says things like that? WHO?!

Well, your hex worked Twinnie, it worked! I now gravitate towards this colour in all shades and forms, and my shame is now evident for the world to see. 


Thanks alot.

Mucking around with my camera. I call this, An ARM-y Party. You see what I just did there? Do you see? Haa. …. (Belachhan will understand. If you don’t, then all is lost..)

xo, minty